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ZCS x EUSA: Free Shop 2023

The second iteration of EUSA's Free Shop took place during Freshers Week, September 2023 encouraging hundreds of students to choose reused goods over new...

The Edinburgh University Students Association in collaboration with The University of Edinburgh and Bright Green Environmental Solutions facilitated the successful redistribution of 1670kg of resources via EUSA's Free Shop event at the Pleasance Courtyard.

This year would see Natalia Williams - EUSA Free Shop Coordinator undertake the managerial responsibility for the event working alongside Sarah Purves - Director of Membership Engagement and People Development and Sandra Kinnear - Health, Safety and Sustainability Advisor ACE.

Lessons learned from the Free Shop of the previous year highlighted the need to increase the throughput of resources made available to students to facilitate the demand from a greater number of students projected to be in attendance at this years event. Sandra Kinnear masterminded the Big Sort - a volunteer based sorting strategy processing and boxing resources from various accommodation locations across the Universities' sprawling campus. These resources accounted for 985kg of goods, an increase of 340kg from 2022's Big Sort. Bright Green Environmental Solutions - Sustainability partner for the University of Edinburgh supplied an additional 685kg of resources for the event bolstering the final weight of resources to 1670kg, an increase of 505kg from the previous year.

Hundreds of students were eagerly queuing awaiting the 11am launch of the Free Shop 2023. 732 students would eventually attend the event claiming 1670kg of resources available to them.

100% of all resources supplied to the Freeshop were successfully rehomed.

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